Content Management Systems

The most popular open source content management systems include WordPress, Drupal and Joomla.

Cyclone Web Design typically includes a CMS as a foundation for every Web Development project that we undertake for a variety of reasons including:

No Software or Training Needed
A CMS eliminates the need to purchase software or provide additional training to maintain your website. Dreamweaver or Contribute are software programs that have been the most popular way to maintain static websites. A CMS eliminates the need to purchase Dreamweaver ($399.00) or Contribute ($199.00) plus time and expense for training needed to effectively use the software. To edit or add content to your website, all you need is a computer with a web browser and Internet connection.

Little to No HTML Knowledge Needed
Content Management Systems are designed with non-technical users in mind. People with average knowledge of word processing software (ie. Microsoft Word) can edit and create content, add images and upload multimedia files easily. Little to no html knowledge is necessary to maintain a website utilizing a Content Management Sytem.

Decreased Web Maintenance Costs
A CMS eliminates outsourcing of web maintenance services to an outside web developer. Because staff members are able to easily edit or add content, our clients are able to eliminate the expense and turnaround time it takes to outsource website updates.

Easily Updatable Navigation
Menu navigation is easily updated and changes are generated automatically adjusted within the CMS. You can typically reorder navigation using a drop and drag method.

Website Content is Stored in a Database
Since your website content is stored in a database, that means that content can be reused or featured in different places on the website and reformatted for different devices including mobile phones, ipads and printers without having to retype content.

Lowered Costs to Enhance Your Website
Thousands of pre-programmed modules, components and plugins are available that add additional functionality to your website such as forum, polls, ecommerce applications, site search, photo galleries, event calendars etc. Most of these are free and where commercial versions typically run under $100.00. To provide similar website functionality outside a CMS, typical costs for custom programming can range from $250.00 to $2,500.00.

User Management
Multiple users can access the backend of the CMS to make updates at the same time. User Management assigns roles and permissions for your staff to update website content and also prevents them from making updates or adding content to the website which they are not authorized to change.

Cross Browser Compatibility
There is nothing more frustrating and expensive than making your website coding view the same in a variety of browsers that include 4 versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome on both a Mac and PC operating systems. Content management systems typically offer free updates to keep up with the ever-changing web browser software that is used to view websites.

Using content management systems to build and manage your website helps minimize your website cost and expenses and sets your website up as a foundation for future expansion. This gives you the chance to spend the money you save on where it matters most: which is marketing and lead generation.

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