Pros and Cons of Owning My Own Hosting Account

Now that you’re ready to design your website how do you host it? Your website needs to be on a hosting server so that it can be accessed over the internet. Consider who is going to be performing updates on your website. If it will be you then you might lean towards having your own hosting account. If it will be your developer then discuss it with them. It might be a little cheaper to have them host it and perform the updates than it would be to host it yourself and have them perform the updates.

If your developer is going to host your website then all you need to do is point the domain to the name servers they give you. This is easy enough to do yourself. It is best to keep the domain registered at a separate registrar from your hosting account especially if the hosting account is not in your name. Read more about domain names here

If you are using your own website hosting account then do the same; point your domain and do your own updates or give your developer non billing access to your account. Make sure the account is in your name and uses your email address and billing information. Some hosting companies allow you to create separate account login credentials that do not allow access to the billing portion of your account. If you are hosting your website from your own account you might want to either work out an arrangement where your designer will perform maintenance on your website. Read more about why updates are important.

If your designer hosts your site for you then you will want to be sure to get copies of all website and database files when the design is done and maybe following any major design changes to the website. If your designer uses a website builder application provided by the hosting company this may not be possible and unless you own the hosting account, the website you end up with could be lost if you lose access to that hosting account. So ask your designer who will own your website when the design is done. If it is not you then find out why or choose another designer.